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Volume 7, Issue 3, June Issue - 2019, Pages:329-334

Authors: El-Masry KA, El-Fouly HA, Gabr SA
Abstract: The objective of present study was to determine the pattern and impact of pregnancy stage on the concentrations in serum estradiol-17β (E2-17β), testosterone hormones and immunoglobulin G (IgG). For this purpose, blood samples were collected from 16 crossbred, pregnant, lactating cows at the intervals of each two weeks. From these collected samples, serum hormone concentration was determined by Radioimmunoassay (125I-RIA) technique and IgG concentration was assayed by using the method involves antigen diffusing radially. Results of present study revealed that concentration of E2-17β is insignificant from 1st to the 4th month of gestation and tended to increase from the 4.5th month to the end of gestation. After parturition E2-17β returned to its normal level on 30th day of postpartum. Further, concentration of testosterone hormone start increasing  (29.76 pg/ml) from the 4th month, after this it gradually increased (P <0.01) with the advances of gestation (185.40 pg/ml) up to the 9th month, thereafter testosterone level reached to the peak (197.80 pg/ml) at the end of pregnancy as compared to the average during non-pregnancy period. Concentration of IgG remained at basal level from the 1st to 6.5th month of gestation that averaged 23.65 g/l. Thereafter a sharpest increase in IgG level was occurred up to the 8.5th month that followed by a depression in the subsequent period until parturition. It can be concluded that concentrations of E2-17β and testosterone remained at low levels around the 4th – 5th month and progressively increased and showing a sharp rise in the 9.3 month of gestation. Moreover, the levels of IgG insignificantly changed until the 6.5th month of pregnancy and a sharpest rise occurred in the 8.5th month of gestation.
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