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Volume 7, Issue 3, June Issue - 2019, Pages:316-328

Authors: Kaustav Kalyan Sharma, Vivek Ghose, Dipamoni Nath, Dulal Chandra Boruah, Dharmeswar Barman, Sheemanta Jyoti Deka, Someswar Rao
Abstract: Since the dawn of civilization public markets have played an important role in supplying goods for maintaining health and nutrition of mankind, especially in the rural areas.  The present study was designed to document the local plants and plant products that are sold in different rural weekly markets of Goalpara district of Assam, India, which served particularly as food supplements or ingredients for local cuisine. This survey was conducted across a period of one year following a standard questionnaire, personal interviews with the sellers, documenting the plants sold, their parts used, mode of use and price range. Results showed that 71 number of plant species belonging to 41 families are being used as food and to treat various common ailments for maintaining overall health. Araceae and Rutaceae were found to be the most dominant plant families followed by Euphorbiaceae, Amaranthaceae, Apiaceae, Malvaceae, Rubiaceae and others as per the number of plant species is concerned The plant products constitute fruits, flowers, leaves, stems, tubers and rhizomes. The study gives an idea of the plant diversity of the area along with glimpses of the prevailing cultural beliefs and socio-economic condition of the locals.
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