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Volume 7, Issue 2, April Issue - 2019, Pages:103-107

Authors: Sujatha E, Saidulu Abbagoni
Abstract: Among the small RNA molecules, micro RNAs (miRNAs) are an interesting class of endogenous molecules that play a key role in the regulation of gene expression in various developmental and signaling cascades. Abiotic stress which induced abnormal expression in various miRNAs, can be a new target for developing stress tolerant breeds. Recent reviews show that during abiotic stress, miRNAs swamp the conditions by regulating target genes within the miRNA–target gene network and regulates various signaling pathways and crucial organ development like roots. Stress conditions leads to the stimulation and accumulation of positive regulators and suppression of negative regulators. The current review on miRNAs helps in identifying the role of miRNAs in stress management of maize crop. Study also help in establishing deviations in genetic profile of miRNAs during abiotic stress conditions. After compiling the available literature, it could be conclude that detail and deep studies are needed to understand the miRNA mediated regulatory mechanism to produce agriculturally important plants to endeavor the future needs.
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