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Volume 7, Issue 1, February Issue - 2019, Pages:51-56

Authors: Chanakya Pallem
Abstract: Asparaginase is one of the most widely used industrial enzymes of therapeutic significance; in present study an attempt had been undertaken to synthesize asparaginase from an inexpensive and abundantly available wheat straw agro-waste by solid-state fermentation of Fusarium oxysporum NCIM 1008. The essential fermentation variables were optimized to enhance the microbial growth and enzyme activity. The maximal asparaginase yield (21.54 U/gds) was reported with 60% (v/w) initial moisture content, pH 6.0, supplemented with 0.75% L-asparagine and incubated at 30 °C for 96 h. Present investigation clearly indicated that under suitable conditions, asparaginase enzyme can be produced commercially by using the agro-waste, wheat straw on large-scale in an economically feasible way.
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