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Volume 7, Issue 1, February Issue - 2019, Pages:1-11

Authors: Noushad Parvez, Hardev Choudhary, Swati Parihar, Kelvin Gandhi, Satveer Singh, Rajkumar Rathore, Rudrappa Zulapi, Bajranglal Kasva, Ranjit Kumar, Prakash S. Raghuvanshi, Agyaram Verma
Abstract: Farmers’ traditional crop varieties are the valuable source of diversity, nutritional heritage and genetically important traits. Wheat is an important cereal crop serving as a major source for energy and nutrients for millions throughout the world. Modern trend of promoting and cultivating high yielding variety has suppressed the existence of indigenous varieties and resulting in the loss of the same. Many traditional wheat cultivars have disappeared after the green revolution. By looking at the rich nutrient properties and needs of farmers' crops varieties, many efforts are being under taken for their protection and promotion. Present study was performed to measure the nutrient levels in whole grain flour of thirteen different farmers’ wheat cultivars in comparison with check-released varieties. The average composition showed a significant variation among farmers’ and check wheat varieties; among various tested varieties, wheat cv. Mohit-gold reported with higher potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg) contents. While, Kudrat-7 contained higher fibre content whereas Rk-7 exhibited significantly higher content of carbohydrate and sugar. Overwhelming higher iron content was reported in Bansi-local, HZG-30 and Kudrat-7 cultivars.
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