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Volume 6, Issue 5, October Issue - 2018, Pages:800-807

Authors: Vijayasaraswathy S. Gurupriya, Sudhir C. Roy, Pradeep K. Javvaji, Arindam Dhali, Sharanabasav Badami, Fathima Rahim, Bannur C. Divyashree, Arya P. Panda
Abstract: Large number of proteases have been identified in different parts of the male reproductive tract which play a crucial role during testicular development, epididymal sperm maturation, and sperm-oocyte fusion.  The ADAMTS10 is a member of metalloproteinase family, the expression of which is important in sperm-oocyte interaction at the time of fertilization in mouse. In this species, the expression of ADAMTS10 has been demonstrated in testis, and on surface of spermatozoa from caput, corpus and cauda epididymis. Whether ADAMTS10 plays any role in male fertility of any of the domestic ruminant species including buffaloes is not known so far. Thus, a study was conducted to detect the expression of ADAMTS10 in testis, different parts of the epididymis and ejaculated spermatozoa of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) using real-time PCR, Western blot, and indirect immunofluorescence techniques. The highest expression of ADAMTS10 transcript was observed in corpus epididymis, followed by cauda, caput and testis. The Western blot detection of ADAMTS10 using the heterologous antibody has demonstrated 31-, 44-, 50-, 65 kDa immune-reactive protein bands from testis and 82 kDa protein from both testes and corpus epididymis and a major 36 kDa protein from ejaculated spermatozoa. The indirect immunofluorescence study has demonstrated high fluorescence signal in post-acrosome and the middle piece region of the ejaculated spermatozoa. Thus the differential expression pattern of ADAMTS10 in different parts of male reproductive tract of buffalo indicates their role in sperm maturation process. However, specific role of ADAMTS10 in buffalo male reproduction can only be ascertained after further studies.
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