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Volume 6, Issue 4, August Issue - 2018, Pages:746-750

Authors: Meeti Punetha, AK Roy, Irshad Ahmed Para, Deepanshu Gupta, Nitika Singh Jalmeria , Yogesh Pandey, Mahendra Singh
Abstract: In present study, combined effects of prilled fat and yeast culture (YC) mixture supplemented diet on 12 early lactating crossbred cows were evaluated. Cows were divided into two groups as control group (CON group) and supplemented group (SG). Animal of CON group were fed on wheat straw, maize fodder and concentrate mixture, while animal of supplemented group were additionally supplemented with 100g/d prilled fat, 25g/d Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC)/day and sweetener 1g/d from 30 day prepartum to 30 days postpartum. The effect of feeding on milk production was monitored up to 60 day of lactation. Result of study revealed that milk yield was increased (p<0.01) by 9.76% in SG than the control group (14.77±0.34 kg/d vs 13.44kg/d±0.44). Further, Milk fat yield was also increased (p<0.01) by 5.91% in SG than the CON. The overall net average profit was Rs 77.77/cow/day assuming selling price of milk @ Rs 50/kg milk at 3.5% FCM. The overall net daily gain of milk kg/day/cow due to supplementation mixture was 1.76 kg. 
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