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Volume 6, Issue 3, June Issue - 2018, Pages:633-638

Authors: Srinivas A, V. Sudha Rani, I. Sreenivasa Rao
Abstract: Seed Banks are places of storage where indigenous seed varieties are conserved and managed by farmers. These are not evaluated with respect to their relevance to tribal farmer’s needs and preferences. In order to measure the tribal farmer’s attitude towards seed bank, it is necessary to construct a scale for this purpose. Method of Equal-Appearing Intervals was used to construct the attitude scale. Total 53 attitude statements about seed banking expressing varied degree of favorableness were collected, edited on the basis of the Edward’s criteria. These statements were subjected to scrutiny by an expert panel. Based on subjects response a standardized scale has been developed with 25 statements. The reliability and validity of the scale indicates its precision and consistency of the results.
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