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Volume 6, Issue 3, June Issue - 2018, Pages:582-591

Authors: Alexander Prosekov, Lyudmila Asyakina, Lyubov Dyshlyuk
Abstract: Present study was conducted with the aim of finding out the optimal composition of biodegradable packaging materials based on gelatin and natural polysaccharides, film samples. The film samples have been obtained with the purpose of choosing the optimum composition of biodegradable packaging materials based on gelatin and natural polysaccharides. Physico-chemical properties and safety performance of gelatin and natural polysaccharides (agar, carrageenan, hydroxypropylmethicellulose – HPMC) have been studied.  Films based on gelatin and natural polysaccharides have been obtained by drying solutions of the tested components at various temperatures. Result of study revealed the fact that physico-chemical parameters of the studied samples of agar-agar and hydroxypropymethylcellulose (HPMC) confirmed to the requirements of normative documents. In terms of chemical and microbiological safety, both studied samples of agar-agar and carageenan satisfy the applicable regulatory requirements of the international food standard, and may be used as raw material for obtaining biodegradable polymers. It has been proved that the studied samples of carageenan meet the requirements of applicable normative documentation in their physical and chemical properties. It has been shown that in terms of quality and safety, all tested samples satisfied the requirements of the applicable documentation.
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