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Volume 6, Issue 3, June Issue - 2018, Pages:531-537

Authors: FANOU Andre Antoine, WYDRA Kerstin
Abstract: The effect of intercropping cassava with maize or cowpea in two arrangements i.e. both crops in the same row or in alternate rows, on cassava bacterial blight has been compared to cassava monoculture in the forest-savannah transition zone of Nigeria using a randomized complete block design. Result of study revealed that in cassava monoculture, more severe disease symptoms developed than in intercropping patterns. Further, following order of disease severity: cassava monoculture > cassava-cowpea in alternate rows > cassava-cowpea in the same row > cassava-maize in alternate rows > cassava-maize in the same row have been reported. The highest reduction in disease severity (53%) was observed in cassava intercropped with maize in the same row or in alternate rows (disease indices 8.4) compared to cassava monoculture (disease index 18.0). Generally, growth parameters and yields of cassava roots were not significantly differed in various cropping patterns. However, the combination of cassava root yield and maize grain yield may provide more yield stability and cash income to the farmer than cassava monoculture.
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