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Volume 6, Issue 3, June Issue - 2018, Pages:522-530

Authors: Bharat Taindu Jain, Ashok Kumar Sarial, Prashant Kaushik
Abstract: A field experiment comprising of released varieties, elite lines and hybrid under four production systems viz. Transplanted rice (TPR), Dry direct seeded rice (Dry DSR), Wet direct seeded rice (Wet DSR) and System of rice intensification (SRI) was conducted at Research farm of RRS, Kaul, CCS HAU, Hisar, Haryana during Kharif of 2014-15 and 2015-16. Present study tested and identified the basmati rice genotypes for yield and its components under System of rice intensification, Direct seeded rice (both Dry and Wet) and regular Transplanted rice system. Four characters namely, grain yield, plant height, tiller/ plant panicle length and panicle weight were recorded. Estimates of genotype x environment interaction and additive main effect were significant for all the mentioned traits. The traits viz. tiller/ plant and plant height were found proportional to grain yield. Based on AMMI biplot analysis genotypes Pusa RH 10 has been identified for SRI, while genotypes i.e. Imp Pusa Basmati-1, CSR-30, Haryana Basmati-1 and Haryana Mehak-1 were identified for Wet DSR and two genotypes Super Basmati and HKR 06-487 for Dry DSR conditions.
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