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Volume 6, Issue 3, June Issue - 2018, Pages:498-502

Authors: Kavitha R, Chandrasekaran D
Abstract: Present study was conducted to access the effect of corn soya diet supplemented with cocktail enzymes on the performance and carcass characteristics of Cobb broilers. The cocktail enzyme consists of non-starch polysaccharidase- Cellulases-333 IU/g; Xylanase – 1385 IU/g; Pectinase – 654 IU/g and Phytase-441 IU/g. A total of 120 newly hatched Cobb broilers were distributed into four groups, the first treatment groups was kept as control, second group was fed with control diet supplemented with cocktail enzymes@250g/ton, third group was fed with control diet supplemented with cocktail enzymes@500g/ton and fourth group was fed with control diet supplemented with cocktail enzymes@1000g/ton. The birds were reared for a period of 42 days and production performance was assessed. No significant difference was reported in mean body weight of broilers fed on enzymes added and control diet. Similarly, in case of organs weight and intestinal length also, no significant difference was reported between the treatment containing enzymes groups and control group. Further, addition of enzymes significantly improved the feed efficiency than the control group.  Hence, it can be concluded that addition of cocktail enzymes improved the feed taken efficiency of broilers.
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