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Volume 6, Issue 2, April Issue - 2018, Pages:396-404

Authors: Hassan Hajnajari
Abstract: Present study was conducted in 2014-2015 to decrease genetic variability in apple seed rootstocks in order to produce trees with morphological uniformity. Effect of two different Half-Sib seed lots of “Morabbaei” was compared on 7-Year-old trees of the six apple commercial cultivars. The open pollinated seed lots were collected from selected maternal parents as two homonym Iranian native self compatible crabs "Morabbaei" characterized by different origin viz.. Isfahan and Karaj. Results of study revealed that the rootstock, graft point and trunk diameters were not significantly affected by different seed lots, scion and their interaction. The highest mean of shoot number was reported in "Red Delicious" on “Morabbaei1” seed rootstocks, for both years. Further, no significant difference was observed in case of branch angle in "Granny Smith", "Braeburn", "Gala" and "Golab-e Kohanz" grafted on the two seed lots of "Morabbaei1" and on "Morabbaei2". The highest number of lenticels was reported in "Golab-e Kohanz" on Morabbaei1 seed stock, in the first year of study. All tree growth components including shoot length, shoot thickness and internode length were significantly affected at 1% level by year, rootstock and scion interaction. In general, except stable traits of the cultivars, the studied rootstocks induced similar vegetative behavior in the scions causing improved tree uniformity.
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