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Volume 6, Issue 2, April Issue - 2018, Pages:370-385

Authors: Nicolas OUEDRAOGO, Renan Ernest TRAORE, Pauline BATIONO/KANDO, Mahamadou SAWADOGO, Jean-Didier ZONGO
Abstract: Aim of present study was to describe the agro-morphological characterization of fifty (50) exotic varieties of taro introduced in Burkina Faso. Further agronomic performances and genetic parameters were also evaluated in present study. During study, 50 varieties which were introduced from 7 South-east Asian and Pacific countries were characterized. Nine quantitative and seventeen qualitative characters were studied during the study. Headsets of 250-300 grams were planted according to a randomized complete block design. The results showed a great variability among the agro-morphological characters which are may be because of genetic diversity. Moreover, the agronomic performances are significant compared with those of the local accessions. Also, the study revealed the existence of eighteen (18) significant positive correlations at a dissimilarity limit of 0.6 among the nine (09) quantitative characters studied, and associations between some qualitative and quantitative characters. Structuring the diversity allowed us to get five (05) different groups of phenotypes. The estimate of the genetic parameters indicates that the variability is more influenced by the genotype than the environmental factors.
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