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Volume 6, Issue 2, April Issue - 2018, Pages:307-314

Authors: Ramees TP, Rathore RS, Kumar A, Arun TR, Ravi Kumar GVPPS, Karthik K, Malik YS, Dhama K, Singh RK
Abstract: Arcobacter is an identified emerging food-borne bacterial pathogen. In the current study, 204 different vegetable samples were collected from retail shops or local vendors from northern part (Uttar Pradesh) of India and screened for Arcobacter spp. The samples were enriched in Arcobacter enrichment broth followed by multiplex PCR based detection of the Arcobacter species. Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter skirrowii were detected in 13.73% (28/204); 23 were positive for A. butzleri, while 5 showed mixed contamination of A. butzleri and A. skirrowii. The specific PCR amplicons from positive samples were purified and sequenced for further analysis. Sequence analysis of Arcobacter spp. showed a significant genetic similarity irrespective of country and source of origin.  A. skirrowii isolation is reported for the first time from a vegetable source. The higher incidences of enteric infections in human in resource poor settings, particularly developing countries, could be due to high frequency of Arcobacter contaminations in vegetables. Further epidemiological studies are warranted to probe the role of vegetable contamination in transmission of this important pathogen of global public health concern.
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