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Volume 6, Issue 1, February Issue - 2018, Pages:204-210

Authors: M. Latha Mala Priyadharshini, K. Manimaran*, K.Karthik, R. Mahaprabhu, Parimal Roy
Abstract: An unknown disease outbreak was reported in Solankurinchi village of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu, among Tellichery and Kanni breeds of goats wherein an investigation was undertaken. Out of the total 520 animals 80% were Tellichery goats and 20 % was native Kanni goats. About 20% of both the breeds were young ones. The clinical signs observed among the affected animals were high fever, anorexia, reduced feed intake, emaciation, profuse diarrhoea, dehydration, bilateral muco-purulent nasal discharge, sudden death, in-coordination and convulsions in kids of about 6-8 months, abortion and still birth among pregnant goats. Mortality occurred to the extent of 12.5% to 22.5% between the age groups of 4-7 months in Tellichery goats, while only 1% of the Kanni goat kids exhibited clinical signs. Among Tellichery adults mortality was 0.6% whereas no adult Kanni goats died. Stillbirths accounted for 1.6% and abortion was upto 1% in Tellichery does. Upon necropsy, congested, oedematous pleural surface with rib marking on lung was observed in the thoracic cavity. The abdomen was distended with curdled milk and abomasal mucosa contained diffuse pinpoint black pigmentation scattered all over its surface. In the brain haemorrhage and few petechae were noticed. Samples were collected for laboratory diagnosis and investigation was done to rule out Enterotoxaemia by the Biological assay and a RT-PCR for confirmation of PPRV infection as the primary cause of this disease outbreak. Vaccination is commonly followed worldwide to prevent both the disease but still occurs in unvaccinated flocks and following vaccine failure.
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