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Volume 6, Issue 1, February Issue - 2018, Pages:108-115

Authors: Herojit Singh Athokpam*, Konsam Vikramjeet, Nandini Chongtham, K. Nandini Devi, Naorem Brajendra Singh, N. Gopimohan Singh,P.T. Sharma and Punabati Heisnam
Abstract: Vertical distribution of DTPA-extractable micronutrient cations (Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn) and their relationship with various soil properties were studied in sixteen profiles of orange orchard of Tamenglong district of Manipur. The DTPA-extractable Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn content were greater in the surface soils than the sub-surface horizons. In most of the profiles the value of Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn ranged from 0.20 to 1.75, trace to 0.80, 5.80 to 42.10 and 0.35 to 39.55 mg kg-1, respectively. The content of DTPA-extractable Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn were higher surface and gradually decreased with the depth. DTPA-extractable Zn was found deficient in 73 per cent, marginal in 16 per cent and sufficient in 1.50 per cent in the soil samples while Cu, Fe and Mn were sufficient in all soils except one profile in Cu and Mn. Multiple regression co-efficient analysis showed that the extractable Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn content were influenced by silt, EC, Al2O3 and Mg to the level of 0.77, 0.80, 0.73 and 0.66, respectively. However, these micronutrient cations were significantly contributed only by silt and EC.
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