Volume 5 Issue 6 Article 16



Ugochukwu Anieto1*, Pinidphon Prombutara2, Jose Estrada3, Yarelis Morales3, Dominique Talavera3, Karime Terrazas-Lujan3, Kaitlyn Tittel3


1Department of Natural Science and Environmental Health, Mississippi Valley State University, 14000 HWY 82 WEST, ITTA BENA, MS 38941
2Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
3Science Department, Odessa College, Odessa Texas 79764


Keywords: [ Salmonella, Salad, 16S rRNA, Pathogenic, Pre- and post-expiration, Sterilization]

Page No:861 – 870


Received – November 17, 2017; Revision – November 27, 2017; Accepted – December 12, 2017
Available Online – December 27, 2017




A total of eight pre-packaged salads were purchased from eight different stores in Odessa Texas to analyze their microbial profiles based on shelf-life and sterilization regimens. The 3 sterilization regimens viz. (a) 25 g of salad in sterile water, (b) 25 g of salad in sterile water containing ten percent iodized salt and (c) 25 g of salad in sterile water maintained at 50 °C were adopted. Thereafter, one ml of each sample was inoculated into tryptic soy broth (TSB) and incubated at 37°C under anaerobic conditions for 24 hours. The DNA extractions and 16S rRNA gene sequences amplification and sequencing were subsequently performed. The same procedures were repeated under similar conditions after an average of ten days post-expiration dates of the salads with the replacement of the TSB with Escherichia coli (EC) Broth. Of a total of 48 DNA sequence results obtained and analyzed using the NCBI Blast software and RDP release 11 Sequence Analysis Tools, the pre-expiration salad samples revealed the presence of the Enterobacteriaceae group with the dominance of Pantoea, Enterobacter, Tatumella, Klebsiella, Serratia, Erwinia and Yersinia genera in descending order whereas the post-expiration samples showed the dominance of Serratia, Yersinia, Klebsiella, Erwinia, Enterobacter, Pantoea and Tatumella in descending order. Two pre-expiration samples indicated the possible presence of various Salmonella species. The results suggest that the microbial profiles of pre-packaged salad change with respect to aging and bearing potentially pathogenic bacteria more after expiration.

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