Volume 5 Issue 5 Article 16

Standardization of heavy metals and oil content by biological indicators in the southern chernozems of the Taman


Sergey Ilyich Kolesnikov*, Natalya Aleksandrovna Vernigorova, Anna Andreevna Kuzina, Kamil Shagidullovich Kazeev, Yulia Viktorovna Akimenko, Evgenia Valeryevna Dadenko, Svetlana Aleksandrovna Tyshchenko


Southern Federal University, Russia, 344090, Rostov-on-Don, Stachki, 194/1


Keywords: [Pollution, heavy metals, oil, southern chernozems, biodiagnostics, standardization]

Page No: 706 – 712


Received – August 24, 2017; Revision – September 29, 2017; Accepted – October 21, 2017
Available Online – October 31, 2017




This paper provides an assessment of the resistance of Taman chernozems to contamination with heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb) and oil by biological parameters. As a rule, upon contamination of the Taman chernozems, a significant reduction was observed in the total bacterial count, activity of catalase and dehydrogenase, cellulolytic activity, abundance of the Azotobacter genus bacteria and in the radish germination intensity. The extent of the deterioration in biological properties was determined by two factors: the chemical nature of the metal and its amount in the soil. As a rule, a direct relationship was observed between the concentration of the pollutant and the degree of deterioration of the soil properties in this study. The metals studied had shown different ecotoxicity with respect to the chernozems of Taman: Cr > Cu = Ni = Pb Regional norms for the maximum allowable content of Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, and oil in the Taman southern chernozems based on a disturbance of the ecological functions of soils were proposed.

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