Volume 4 Issue 5 Article 14

Cryopreservation of Alpine Bucks Semen

Myagmarsuren P*, Baatar A and Batsukh T

Laboratory of animal reproductive technologies, Sector of animal science, Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Keywords: Extender, Semen, Freezing, Motility, Velocity

Page No: 554 - 556

Received - April 15, 2016; Revision - May 30, 2016; Accepted - August 31, 2016 Available Online - August 31, 2016


The aim of this study was to evaluate the comparative efficacy of two semen cryopreservation techniques for the preservations of 6 bucks of Alpine breed semen. In Protocol first 18 ejaculates were frozen in the standard extender that contains fructose, tris and natrium citrate using two steps method. While in the protocol II, total 10 subsequent ejaculations were frozen in glucose, tris and natrium citrate using one step methodology. The qualitative results of the fresh and frozen semen were evaluated by CASA and results of study revealed that mean motility score of the fresh semen were 8.66▒0.13 while this mean mortality was reported 4.33▒0.25 and 2.95▒0.17 (P>0.05**) for the frozen semen by protocol I and protocol II respectively. The mean value of VAP, VCL and VSL was reported 9.83▒1.61, 4.12▒0.72, 12.61▒1.15 Ám/s and 4.55▒0.74, 2.23▒0.32, 5.43▒0.67 Ám/s (P>0.05***) for the protocol I and II respectively. Further, good motility and velocities for fertilization rate was reported for the protocol I freezing while for the protocol II appropriate results of survival rate was not reported for the frozen-thawed semen.

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