Volume 4 Issue 4 Article 4

Effect of the interactions between moisture content, seed storage time and use of pesticides on seed germination, viability and viability indicators of wheat crop

Mohammad Ali JAHANBIN, Hasan Hüseyin GEÇíT and Saime ÜNVER íKíNCíKARAKAYA

Department of Agronomy and Plant breeding Ankara of University Ankara Turkey

Keywords: Wheat crop, Seed disinfectant, Storage time, Moisture contents and Growth characteristics

Page No: 406 - 413

Received - April 20, 2016; Revision - May 25, 2016; Accepted - June 28, 2016 Available Online - June 30, 2016

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In order to determine the effect of moisture content, storage time and pesticide (fungicide & insecticide) application in wheat variety Bezostaja -1, an experiment was conducted in Split-Split plot, randomized complete block design with three replications for two years at Ankara University. The main plots have three seed moisture levels viz. standard, standard +1.5% and standard + 3 percent at the time of disinfect application. The Split plots (sub plot) have treatments like seed storage time viz: 0, 1, 2 and 14 months and sub- sub plot was pesticide application and types and pesticide level. In this study two pesticides viz. Diaconazole (% 1), Chlorpyrifos - ethyl (% 25 w p) was used either individually or in combination. Various wheat characters which studied in present study are Coefficient of Velocity of Germination (CVG), Germination Index (GI), Germination Rate Index (GRI), Coleoptile length, Root length, Fresh weight and Dry weight. Result of study revealed that interactions between pesticides, seed storage and seed moisture content have significant effect (1%) on the various studied growth characteristics such as CVG, GI, GRI, Shoot length, root length, fresh weight and dry weight. Further, it was reported that the traits such as seed germination percentage, germination index, fresh weight and root length have very higher efficiency in the maintenance of seed for one to two months at the application of anti-fungal toxins with 9.5 % moisture Content. While minimum storage efficiency was reported when combination of pesticides (fungicide + insecticide) were applied at 12.5% moisture.

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